About us

About us

Mission: The Mission of Array Plàstics, S.L. is to manufacture parts and units by means of thermoplastic injection and subsequent processes.

Vision: The Vision of Array Plàstics, S.L. is to be a European flagship for excellence in the manufacturing of units based on thermoplastic injection moulding.

Values: The Values of Array Plàstics, S.L. have been developed by all those working at the company in the present and past. Over the years we have progressively created a characteristic system, achieving recognition for our work. The values we espouse and share can be summarised as:

  • Dedication to customer service.
  • Willingness to continuously improve.
  • Courteous, ethical and honest approach, both internally and with our customers and partners.
  • Perseverance and hard work to achieve individual and collective challenges.

Elausa/Array Group

Array Plàstics, S.L. was founded in 1992 by 3 local partners, for the purpose of manufacturing injection-moulded thermoplastic parts for industry. Many of the original team already had extensive experience in the field of thermoplastic injection moulding, serving as the basis for rapid and reliable growth during the company’s first few years.

Elausa had been founded in 1989 by the same partners with the aim of providing a comprehensive electronics service for industry, from development up to manufacturing.
From the very outset it was dedicated to customer service and internal flexibility so as to fulfil customer expectations. And that founding dedication has been maintained as one of the cornerstones of the group at all times.

Elausa and Array are today industrial companies of established standing in the marketplace, offering manufacturing services for electronics, plastic parts and finished products in such demanding industrial sectors as automotive, health, sports, etc.

Our group strategy is all about providing our customers with the know-how built up over all these years in each of our divisions, benefiting from the knowledge and synergies of two such different but complementary spheres as electronics and plastics. Technical know-how and dedication to customer service that make both Array and Elausa a strategic partner for our customers.

Advantages of Array Plastics

Today’s marketplace is complex, dynamic, competitive and global. To compete in this market, our customers need to have in place partners with the understanding and readiness to address these demands.
Array Plàstics, S.L., not only understands and engages with such demands, but goes a step further in its commitment to its customers.
We stand out for:

  • The ability to face up to new technological challenges.
  • Partnership: Flexibility, adaptation to the customer, dedication.
  • Lengthy experience and multidisciplinary knowledge: development, manufacturing, subsequent processes, optics.
  • Comprehensive service for every phase of the product life-cycle.
  • Total quality and certification.